FISAF International European Fitness Championships 2018

All Swiss athletes are ready now to start the European Championships at Karlovy Vary (CZ). Here is the list of the Swiss competitors in each categories

Adult Ind. Women : Jana Kruschitz – Liz Brem.
Junior Ind. Women: Anastasia Dittli – Sarina Strecke – Lina Brosi
Junior Duo: Lina Brosi & Sarina Strecke
Junior Duo: Flavia Steiner & Anna Molnar
Junior Trio: Lina Brosi, Sarina Strecke & Franziska Schury
Junior Trio: Camila Schulze Olivares, Flavia Steiner & Anna Molnar
Cadet Ind. Women: Samira Hutter – Julia Sterki.
Cadet Duo: Samira Hutter & Julia Sterki
Cadet Trio: Samira Hutter, Jael Flattich & Julia Sterki

Coaches : Nathalie Schäfer – Sandra Brem

Good Luck to all of them !

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24 May

25 May

26 May